Burning Silk

In the sensuous and erotic lineage of Anais Nin, Marguerite Duras, and Carole Maso, Destiny Kinal has crafted her debut novel to transport the reader to an exquisitely imagined 19th century: from French parfumeries in Grasse…to the silk magnanerie where French Huguenot Women-of-the-Silk raise silkworms each spring…from the matrilineal way of life of the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee…to the possibilities posed by utopian communities of the United State Northeast.

Not only did Burning Silk receive a prestigious Ben Franklin First Book Award for 2011, but it was well reviewed:

Burning Silk is hot!” – Judy Goldhaft, Planet Drum, San Francisco CA

“...Rich and vivid, sensual like the silk the Duladiers are creating…laced with secrets, history, sensuality…what most historical romances lack.” – Historical Novel Reviews Online, February 2011

Watch video about Destiny's journey to research the background for Burning Silk: 

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About the Textile Trilogy
The Author: Destiny Kinal is a writer, book artist, marketing consultant, feminist, bioregionalist, lifelong community organizer, and publisher. And yes, that is her real name, awarded to her at birth by far-seeing parents. Kinal lives in Berkeley, California, western New York State, and south Florida. 

The Books:  Burning Silk, the first novel in the Textile Trilogy, is followed by Linen Shroud, set in the time of the U.S. Civil War when so much was lost besides lives (publication date September 2017). The third novel in the Trilogy, Oil & Water, set on the first oil frontier on the planet, presages both the excitement and destruction of the petroleum era and modernity (publication date TBA).

The Theme:  The Textile Trilogy, covering the expanse of the 19th century, explores our transition in the Eastern United States from the hunter gatherer and agricultural ways-of-life evolved as humans...to the modern age and the dilemmas posed at this point in time, inviting readers to discover what we have left behind of inestimable value in the 19th century that we can marry to the best of the 20th.

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